High-quality Tents for All Kinds of Events, Productions and Home Comfort

The team of Shelters Bulgaria offers on the Bulgarian market the products of the American brand E-Z UP - number 1 in its class, and a world leader in the industry for more than 30 years.
In addition to professional tents, you will find more: umbrellas, flags, promotional stands and everything goes with optional custom branding of the client.

Why Should I Choose E-Z UP Tent

The products of E-Z UP are distinguished from the rest of the market for their aesthetic look, the convenience and the warranty which the company quietly gives to its customers, thanks to the high-quality materials they used.



Just some of the advantages that make an E-Z UP tent different from the rest and accordingly will excel you and your brand:

  • From 2 to 7 years warranty for quality and therefore easy and hassle-free use.

  • Some of the models are with a comfortable bag on wheels and save you the effort to bring them on your hands.

  • Unfolding for less than 1 minute, making them extremely practical for events when you need to act quickly.

  • Lightweight folding construction with stainless steel frame contributes to the longevity of the materials and the lower weight of the tent.

  • Powder-painted elements.

  • The professional grade of fabric, which provides strength and protection from natural forces.

  • A wide range of accessories to upgrade your tents for various needs-side walls, stake kits, weights, lighting and more.


How to unfolds E-Z UP shelter?

A short video where you will see the whole process step by step


The prestigious brand E-Z UP has been a leader among manufacturers for more than 30 years, and is officially recognized as the first in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction in over 50 countries. 



Usage of Tents and Products of E-Z UP ®


Except to buy, Shelters Bulgaria gives you the option to rent a tent, depending on your needs:

- any television, movie and advertising productions
- event marketing - trade shows, conferences, expo centers, product demos
- outdoor advertising and sponsorship



Choose a Model that You Need
and Rent a Professional E-Z UP Shelter

branded instant shelter for expositions



Perfect for all kind of large and small events:

- events with catering
- concerts, parties and other musical events in the open air and indoors
- sports events and competitions
- festivals and fairs
- wedding and family celebrations

usage of recreation tent e-z up vista

Collapsible Recreation Tent E-Z UP New Vista


The tents of E-Z UP are number one also for:

  - your backyard and garden
- picnics and outdoor family holidays
- beach and camping
- fishing
usage of recreation tent e-z up pyramid

Collapsible Tent for Rest E-Z UP New Pyramid

Our customers who have chosen the E-Z UP Shelters



Branding Options

All products (tents, advertising stands and umbrellas, tables, banners) have an option for corporate branding, at the choice of the customer,
as we offer a wide range of models and colors.

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