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A Variety of Tents for Rent for All Kinds of Events, Productions and Family Occasions

With its technology for fast folding, the tents E-Z UP ® are extremely comfortable and suitable for exhibitions, events and festivals with catering. Save time and effort!


Shelters Bulgaria offers top-quality rental tents of American brand E-Z UP ® - a leader in the industry for more than 30 years. Patented folding mechanism, in combination with the quality of the materials and assemblies, make the tents useful and comfortable for unmatched speed and aesthetics, which provide.

If you want your booth to distinguish from others or no surprises during a family picnic, this is the tent that you are looking for!


Rent a tent E-Z UP ® - give credibility to you and your brand, and especially the ease and a smile to your day!



The Shelters team has selected five tents for you, considering that they will meet all the customers' needs:

  • cinema and advertising productions
  • trade fairs
  • smaller and larger events of all kinds, including:
  • events that use catering
  • concerts and outdoor parties
  • sports events
  • festivals
  • and, of course, your family occasions and outdoor gatherings

How to Unfolds an E-Z UP Shelter?


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