New Luxury Shelter Bungalow Cabana

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luxury shelter Bungalow cabana near a swimming pool


For Тhose Who Demand the Highest Standards!

Style and sophistication can go anywhere with the new instant shelter E-Z UP Bungalow ® Cabana. It enhances any outdoor space as an instant solution for outdoor rooms, backyard patios, beach cabanas, pools, hotels, resorts, and spas.


The Bungalow ® Cabana features a one-piece rust-resistant frame, premium solution-dyed acrylic tops and curtains that stand up to high temperatures, UV light, water and sun fade.


E-Z UP Bungalow Cabana ®

One of a kind instant shelter for unique moments of shade


Bungalow shelter usage



Additional Accessories for your Bungalow™ Cabana

Elevate your Bungalow® cabana with curtains and a ceiling liner. The curtains allow for multiple configurations to provide privacy while blocking the wind and sun or draped with tie backs over the frame legs for a designer look. The ceiling liner is a sophisticated upgrade that brings a more refined, luxurious look to your interior space.


luxury shelter Bungalow curtains




7 Years Warranty

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frame sizes and technical specifications of Bungalow shelter


colors and fabric technology of Bungalow shelter


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