HUT II - Instant Shelter

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Sizes and colors

Need more space for your graphics? The Hut™ II was designed with you in mind! Compared to the traditional 10’ x 10’ (3.0 m x 3.0 m) Instant Shelter®, the Hut™ II allows lots of room to show off - 75% more graphics area - and features a unique design that’s available in a variety of top patterns.


Exclusively Available on Professional Grade Shelters:
◊ Patented, One-Piece Instant Frame
◊ Pull Pin Auto-Slider® for Quick Lock and Release
◊ Toggle Leg Adjustments for Variable Heights and Surface
◊ Steel Reinforced Strengthened Outer Leg
◊ Bolt-On Top Adds Security in Windy Conditions and Protects Against Wear and Tear
◊ Fixed Attachment Points for Expanded Accessory Options
◊ Metal Footpad with Recessed Weld for Minimal Wear and Increased Stability


◊ High Strength Steel Frame
◊ Available Size:10’ x 10’ (3.0 m x 3.0 m)
◊ Gable-Pitched E-Z UP® Design
◊ Larger Printable Fabric Area for Increased Visibility
◊ Increased Pull-Pin Pressure
◊ Auto-Peak® Adjuster
◊ Meets CPAI-84 Fire Resistant Requirements
◊ 5 Year Warranty




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