Pop up banner

Our price:175,00 € each

E-Z UP® introduces the newest instant product for brand messaging — E-Z UP® Pop Up Banner. Lightweight and flexible, this instant signage system promotes your brand or message in a big way. Simply unfold for a rigid, double sided sign perfect for indoor or outdoor use.


◊ Available Sizes:2’ H x 4’ W (0.6 m x 1.2 m),3’ H x 6’ W (0.9 m x 1.8 m),3.5’ H x 8’ W (1.1 m x 2.4 m)
◊ All One Piece Banner System
◊ Professional Poly Nylon Indoor/Outdoor Fabric
◊ Double - Sided Full BleedDigital Print
◊ Zipped Storage Bag
◊ 4 Piece Stake Set
◊ 1 Year Warranty



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